Mastectomy Fittings

We know beauty is more than physical appearance. We also know healing is a process and we are there to support you. Second to Nature offers in-home fittings that are personal, private and professional. Your home is your haven and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Below are some frequently asked questions about the fittings.

How soon can I be fitted?

Fittings can typically take place 6-8 weeks after surgery to allow ample time for healing, depending on your surgeon’s approval.

What can I wear until my first fitting?

Most patients wear post-mastectomy garments/camisoles until the fitting takes place. We have a complete line of camisoles and will help you select the best garments for you. We recommend you come in before your surgery and be fitted with a post-surgical camisole. Your camisole can be worn until your surgeon approves you to be fitted with a mastectomy bra and prosthesis.

What should I expect at my first fitting?

It’s important to know what to have with you on your first appointment. Wear well-fitting garments so we can see how you will look in your favorite clothes. Any insurance information will also be needed. Typically we will gather your insurance information over the phone when you call to schedule your appointment. After the fitting is complete, if we have the size and style you are looking for, you can receive your product on the same day. If not, we will order your products and we will personally deliver your items to you.

Are your fitting specialists certified?

Yes, all our fitting specialists are certified to help you with all your fitting needs.

Are the products pretty and stylish?

We partner with many vendors, such as American Breast Care, Jodee, Trulife, and many more to provide you with a variety of colors and styles that will fit your personality. During your fitting, we will help you find the style that will make you look and feel your best.

How heavy are the breast forms?

Today’s technology allows for more options than ever, including lightweight materials. During your private fitting we will work to make sure the size, shape and weight compliment your body structure.

How can I schedule a fitting?

Second to Nature is a convenient, comfortable shopping experience for women in treatment for cancer, at your convenience, whether in your home or in our beautiful boutique. We will work with your schedule to find the most convenient time for you and give you the excellent service you deserve. Please call (336) 818-1552 to schedule a fitting!